Working with Siebel CRm we have some nuances:

  • we have no normal tool for transfer functionality between environments
  • we have no normal version control
  • we have no normal tools for fixing modified objects in the current task

Therefore we often have difficulties:

  • тwe spend much tine for deployingк
  • we have no backups to which we can return
  • we always loose a part of objects, getting errors and time to market increases

What can I offer? I can offer self designed software, which will save you from a bunch of problems!

  • build and deploy are automated
  • all objects are stored in git-repository and this doesn't require any additional actions from developers
  • it's easy to trace the dependence between objects and tasks, it's hard to lose something and to make a mistake

In short:

  • this app optimizes your labor and financial costs of the system's development
  • saves you from all routine actions and helps to concentrate on developing new functionality
  • it will be repaid for 3-6 months