Currently I have a permanent job, but I'm always ready to consider different offers:
  • Offers of implementation small projects which can be done in my free time. Subject area can be any (simple website, service using API of famous social networks and messengers and so on). Such projects I take as hobby and the price will be pleasant.
  • Job offers in global projects full time with two conditions. Firstly, I want to work fully remotly. Secondly, projects should be noble (benefit people, not annoy them).
  • Offers to take part in startups for free. In this case I can do it in my free time. The main condition: startup should be exciting.
  • Offers related to Siebel CRM: analysis and refactoring of your system, developing some tasks (which for some reason can not be implemented yourself), help with organization of the system developing process.
  • Any other offers in IT. I'm a sociable person and ready to have a constructive dialogue on any question.