General information

  • name: Christian Nazarov
  • sex: Male
  • age: 26
  • location: Moscow
  • position: Development Manager, Product Manager, System Architect
  • directions: CRM Systems, System integration, Web applications, API Services

Work experience

    • period: December 2014 - the present time
    • company: PJSC Bank TRUST
    • position: Head of Development (CRM direction)
    • responsibility:
      • development the most difficult tasks
      • design and upgrade of Siebel architecture
      • system analysis of incoming tasks, meetings with customers, consulting
      • creating statements of work for developers
      • the third line of support
      • curation the team of Siebel developers and testers till transferring tasks to UAT, UAT support, production implementation support
      • leading another projects (look about myself)
      • developing systems related to Siebel (ESB, Print Server, Bug trackking system)
      • Created system's documentation library which includes descriptions of all important modules and business processes, set of development rules, recomendations and prepared templates
      • Trained and adapted in total 6 Siebel CRM developers (3 of them with zero knowledge of the system)
      • Created special software integrated with Jira. This Software can automatically make builds and deploys of both single tasks and releases. Tthis software implements version control of all repository objects in file git repository.
      • Implemented huge project whose goal was in integrating IT systems of two banks for scoring of credit applications. In this project I had a role of project manager.
      • Implemented from screatch new system unit for distinct banking direction service. Implementation of this unit was driven with Scrum methodology. I took a role of scrum master.
    • period: October 2014 - November 2014 (2 months)
    • company: Tinkoff Credit Systems
    • position: System analyst
    • responsibility:
      • Siebel CRM documentation refactoring, reorganization storage structure (Attlasian Confluence)
      • analysis of existing business processes, document and chart actualization
      • preparation of required documents "Integration notes" and "Release notes" and sprint composition correction
    • period: August 2012 - September 2014 (2 years 1 month)
    • company: OJSC National Bank TRUST
    • position: Specialist, chief Specialist, Head of Development (CRM direction)
    • responsibility:
      • development new functionality of the main front-office Bank system
      • the third line of support
      • development the most difficult tasks (including integration with other systems: site, processing, ABS, service bus, telephony, etc)
      • taking part in business analysis - consulting of feasibility
      • responsibility for the Siebel architecture, creating technical specifications and statements of work for junior developers
      • building releases, writing installation instructions, support of release installation
      • distrbuting tasks between developers, control of execution
      • interviewing, team building
      • Developed a lot of business tasks for different business directions: recall policy for call center, universal plastic for ATM Cards, Technology of autorepayment of credits from another banks and else more another tasks
      • Developed from the ground up Siebel CRM expertise inside the Bank and that contributed to organize fully internal development team and to refuse vendor's services
      • Implemented refactoring of many system modules using well known design patterns and that allowed to reduce labor costs in developoing new functionality of the system


  • level: Higher
  • institution: Moscow State Industrial University
  • faculty: Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • profession: Mathematician, system Programmer
  • period: 2007-2012


  • Russian
  • level: native
  • English
  • level: fluent


  • Oracle Siebel CRM expert. Took part in various positions: from developer to the Head of development. Understand system architecture, many nuances, all types of integration, special features of the System. I know how to apply scriptless methods of development which are advocated by me as an architect of the System. Have skiils in administration: deploying System, Siebel Tools, dedicated client, web server; use various utilities (srvrmgr, ddldict, repimexp, etc). By Tag: EAI, EIM, eScript, SiebelVB, SmartScript, CTI, RTE, DV, Workflow, WorkflowPolicy, IntegrationObjects, DataMap, WebServices, JMS, ADM
  • advanced SQL, PL/SQL user: creating implex requests, analisys of existing code, creating stored procedures and functions, work with grants, integration through dblink
  • skills in coding on Java, experience of developing client-server applications both standard tools and modern frameworks (Spring MVC, log4j, maven, etc). I'm using java every day
  • skills in coding on PHP, experience of developing websites with help of frameworks and only standart technologies. I'm usin gPHP every day
  • skills in work with web servers like Apache, Apache Tomcat, IIS, application servers like GlassFish, WebLogic deploying servers, setting them like OS service, deploying apps on app servers, server administration
  • skills in use of actual front-end development: html, javascript, css; applying frameworks (jquery, bootstrap, jquery-ui, kickstart)
  • faced with developing composite apps using BPEL and web services (XSD, WSDL, SOAP), RESTful services (including work with JSON objects)
  • skills in Telegram API, Telegram Bot API, Instagram API, Google Maps API
  • skills in creating web sites built on famous CMS like Wordpress, Magento, Joomla.

about myself

addition to basic activities (leadership of developent Oracle Siebel CRM) I am working in different directions:
  • active studying and implementing Agile methodologies of developing software, combining different methods and using all manner of automation tools (both existing and self-developed);
  • realizing the project of covering all the system with autotests (not finished yet);
  • planning the project of deploying updates to production without downtime;
  • creating Siebel Builder application. This app is designed for automation of builds and deploys for Oracle Siebel CRM (at the moment the app is already workable. The current phase is modernization)
  • I have my own blog about Oracle Siebel CRM in Russian. You can reach it by this link
I think that responsibility is one of the most important qualities for employee. My speciality is my hobby. I like when everything is clearly and accurately. I think that the best control of employee is his work results, but not his working process. Besides programming I like sports and travelling (I know that it sounds trivially). I'm considering offers independently of concrete technologies. Any new technology or programming language can be mastered very fast if you know foundations.